DE Registration Services

Attendees are more likely to book at the event hotel when offered through the initial registration process. Period. So why not make it easy on them, and yourself? Our registration sites are fully capable of hosting our housing tool which will make hotel block reservations a piece of cake. The DE Registration Services' team will keep in contact with your hotel, making sure that each guest is set up to prevent any confusion upon arrival. We will monitor all cutoff dates and confirm all room blocking is taken care of to avoid attrition fees at all costs. Our Registration Team will monitor the database daily to ensure all reservations are made correctly, double check with the hotel for all confirmation numbers and find answers to all attendee questions. Then when it's all said and done, we will go back to make sure the hotel has billed correctly. No one wants penalty fees – and we understand that. Our policy will help save you money on accommodations for this event and the next.